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The overall goal of NASA’s SEC program is to understand the coupling between the heliosphere and the Earth’s atmosphere. AIM deals with “How does solar variability affect life and society” which is a key element of the “Living with a Star” initiative. The key to this quest is an improved understanding of the upper atmospheric regions that shield the planet and its biosphere from harmful solar radiation and particles. The study of anthropogenic influences on the upper atmosphere is an important aspect. PMCs are of special interest as they are sensitive to both global change and solar/terrestrial influences. Also, a recent National Research Council (NRC) book entitled The Atmospheric Sciences Entering the 21st Century notes the “need to closely monitor the occurrence and latitudinal extent of PMCs as a marker of global change".

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Sun Earth Connections Roadmap
NASA`s Office of Space Sciences Sun Earth Connections Roadmap is a long-term strategic plan for understanding the Sun and its influence on the Earth and other Solar System bodies.
This site provides information about the Roadmap process as well as the new Roadmap document.

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