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AIM / CloudSat / GLOBE 2007 Educator Workshop

Pre-Workshop To Do List

1. Pre Evaluation Instructions (Please complete the pre-eval before you arrive) The following email was sent to you previously by PERG (Sabra Lee…If you have questions contact Sabra.

Dear Teachers: In order for our external evaluators to help us refine and revise our summer workshop to better meet the needs of teachers, we ask you to fill out a quick on-line survey both before and after the institute. The purpose of this survey is to collect information about your experiences and interests, as well as your expectations for the workshop. The Program Evaluation and Research Group (PERG) at Lesley University was hired by AIM as external evaluators to help them look at the effectiveness of the workshops, as well as ways in which to improve them. This is a program evaluation and not an evaluation of any individuals. Our evaluator, Sabra Lee of PERG, assures you that your survey will remain confidential; only she will have the password to access it on line. This first pre-workshop survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Using a computer with Internet access, click on the link provided below: (the link was sent to you in an email to provide confidentiality). Please complete the survey as soon as possible.
You will meet Sabra at the workshop when she is present for 2 days of
observations: please feel free to talk with her at that time. Those
conversations will also be confidential.
Thank you,
Barbara Maggi
Dianne Robinson
Sabra Lee (evaluator)

2. GOBE Tutorial: Please take the GLOBE tutorial before you arrive in Alaska
* Become familiar with the GLOBE website at:
* Go to the sidebar and click on Educators Corner. Under Teacher Resources - Look through the GLOBE Teacher's Guide - We will be doing the atmosphere protocols. Also go into Videos and view the GLOBE Program Overview.
* The key activity is to complete the Maps and Graphs tutorials. Go to the GLOBE web page at http://www/ On the sidebar click into Maps & Graphs. Then click on the Maps & Graphs Tutorial. Complete the tutorials on this page….THANKS

3. Download the Logger Pro Demo to you laptop before you arrive at the workshop. It’s located at the Vernier website about ½ way down the page on the right:

4. Register with GLOBE (Please do this before you arrive) = The following email was sent to you previously: “Teachers - One of our workshop partners, the GLOBE program, has asked me to have you complete the attached GLOBE registration form and email it back to them before you come to the workshop. I am attaching the document to this e-mail. Please fill it out as completely as possible, save and it and attach it to an e-mail addressed to:
Please enter the following in the subject line:
Re: Alaska Workshop registration form attached
We look forward to seeing you in Alaska and we appreciate your attention
to this matter.”

5. Graduate Credit Instructions(Please do this before June 22) = Are you interested in taking the AIM / CloudSat / GLOBE 2007 Educator Workshop for 3 hrs of graduate credit in science from Hampton University? Is so, please call Tunisha Twine at 757-727-5468 and register with her before June 22. Tell her you want to register for Dr. Dianne Robinson's AIM / CloudSat / GLOBE 2007 Educator Workshop.

6. Print off a copy of the Campus Map and bring it with you = A printable version of the UAA map is available at:




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