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2006 AIM/GLOBE/CloudSat Educator Workshop Participants - Colorado

My name is Karin (as in "there's a car in the garage") and I teach English Language Acquisition in Loveland, Colorado. I have the privilege of working with an energetic bunch of students in grades K through 5 who are learning English as their second language. Most of my students were born in Mexico. I do speak Spanish, but my district has a philosophy of immersion in English, so I use Spanish only when communicating with my students' parents.
I'm eager to participate in this workshop because I believe that literacy and language instruction through high-interest, hands-on content lessons is a great way to engage students. My students will, no doubt, be delighted to learn English skills via exploration of clouds and weather phenomena.
Matt Rogers, one of the conference presenters, is my husband. He and I live in Ft. Collins, Colorado. We're both grateful for the opportunity to participate in this workshop!
Karin Rogers
Karin Rogers









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