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ACS Attitude Control System
AIM Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere
APE Attitude Power Electronics
ATS Absolute Time Sequence
C&DH Command & Data Handling
CDE Cosmic Dust Experiment
CIPS Cloud Imaging & Particle Size Experiment
CPU Central Processing Unit
CVO Common Volume Observation (SOFIE & CIPS)
DMP Data Management Plan
DOY Day of Year
DPC Data Processing Centers - SOFIE (GATS), CIPS & CDE (LASP)
E/PO Educational and Public Outreach
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Read-Only Memory
EPS Electrical Power System
FC Flight Controller
FDF Flight Dynamics Facility
FlatSat Orbital Spacecraft Simulator
FOT Flight Operations Team
FOV Field of View
FSW Flight Software
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GATS Gordley & Associates Technical Serivces
GMU George Mason University
GN Ground Network
HU Hampton University
LASP Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
MAP Mission Archive Plan
MOC Mission Operations Center (LASP)
NCEP National Centers for Environmental Prediction
Net CDF Network Common Data Form
NLC Noctilucent Clouds
NLTE Non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium
NRL Naval Research Lab
NSSDC National Space Science Data Center
NSTA National Science Teacher Association
NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology
OBC On-Board Computer
OOMP On Orbit Mission Planning
PDC Project Data Center (HU)
PMC Polar Mesospheric Clouds
POC Payload Operations Centers - SOFIE (GATS), CIPS & CDE (LASP)
RA Resident Archive
RAM Random Access Memory
RW-Z Reaction Wheel, Z-axis
SDC Science Data Center
SDS Science Data System
SN Space Network
SOFIE Solar Occultation for Ice Experiment
SSA Sun Sensor Array
TCVR Tranceiver
TDRSS Tracking & Data Relay Satellite System
TMON Telemetry Monitor
TMR Triple Modular Redundancy
USU Utah State University
VPI Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
VITMO Virtual Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Mesosphere Observatory
WHRO Public Broadcast Station in Norfolk, VA

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