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Public Outreach

Aid in developing a citizenry capable of making educated decisions related to environmental policies and laws by producing multimedia products, which share the excitement of the AIM mission with the public.

Informal Education

Assist with creating a scientifically literate workforce by developing AIM PMC education materials that utilize AIM data and the environmental implications of the data, for informal education organizations.

Formal Education

Enhance the quality of science, mathematics, and technology for the K-14 curriculum, by incorporating current AIM PMC research data into formal education.

Definition of Aeronomy
Aeronomy: aer*on*o*my \a(e)r-'an-o-me\n [fr. Gk aero-] a branch of science that deals with the atmosphere of the Earth and the other planets with reference to their chemical composition, physical properties, relative motion, and responses to radiation from space.
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Noctilucent cloud photograph by Matt Rogers at the 2006 workshop in Alaska.

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