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The columns of the table are as follows:
Product Name: A unique name for the product.
Description: A short description of the product.
Reference: The URL or reference document in the AIM library providing details of the format, contents and size of this product.

Product Name



Data Product Catalog

Project wide listing of available data products

CIPS Level 1A Data

Calibrated and geolocated albedo images for each camera.


CIPS Level 1B Data

Map-projected albedo for each orbit at 25 km2 resolution. All measurements of a single location are registered into data “stacks".


CIPS Level 2 Data

Geolocation and cloud parameters – albedo, particle radius, ice water content, phase function -- for each orbit at 25 km2 resolution.


CIPS Level 3A Data

Daily cloud albedo maps, produced by merging all level 2 orbit images on a given day.


CIPS Level 3C Data

Level 2 data (cloud albedo, particle size, ice water content and frequency, and ancillary data) averaged in 1-degree latitude bins for an entire season..


CIPS Level 3D Data

Subset of Level 2 data for all pixels in the AIM Common Volume region for each orbit. One file per PMC season (2007 to 2009 only).


CIPS Level 3E Data

Subset of Level 2 cloud parameters and ancillary data coincident with selected ground station locations (22 stations total). One file per PMC season.


CDE Level 1 Data

Time of impact, Pulse-height and engineering & housekeeping data


CDE Level 2 Data

Time of impact, mass[g] of the detected dust particle


SOFIE Level 1 Data

Uncorrected measurements for all 16 channels and 8 difference signals. Corrected signals(offsets, drift, imbalance, dark current, etc.), measurements on 0.20km impact altitude grid (150km to 3.0km) for all 16 channels and 8 difference signals, detector sample times, sun sensor pixel sum, and spacecraft PVAT data., offset angle (lockdown) in Azimuth and Elevation between the solar image top edge and FOV, apparent solar extent (angular), apparent elevation angle, refraction angle for solar top & bottom edges, impact tangent altitude for solar top and bottom edges, T,P profiles, tangent point lat & lon, field of view vector, sun center vector, and registration uncertainty.


SOFIE Level 2 Data

On a 0.20km grid from150km to 3.0km: Primary absorber mixing ratios (CO2, CH4, NO, H2O, O3), 10 aerosol extinction profiles, uncertainity profiles for mixing ratios and extinctions, 83 km measurement variables: lat./long., T, P, and Time, , 30 profiles/day]
Vertical resolution:
Gases 1km,T&P ≤ 3.5km PMC 1km


SOFIE Level 3 Data

Daily plots of longitude vs. height for each species



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