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Noctilucent/Polar Mesospheric Clouds References

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of published articles on Noctilucent/Polar Mesospheric Clouds recommended by AIM scientists.

PowerPoint presentations by AIM, GLOBE, and CloudSat instructors that were shown during the 2006 Educator Workshop in Alaska.

Recommended Books on Clouds and Weather

The Weather Sky Bruce McMillan 0-374-38261-1
Clouds & Storms National Audubon Society Pocket Guide 0-679-77999-X
Clouds & Weather Peterson First Guides / John A. Day/Vincent J. Schaefer 0-395-90663-6
Earth from Above Claire L. Parkinson 0-935702-41-5
The Weather Wizards Cloud Book Louis D. Rubin, Sr. & Jim Duncan 0-912697-10-5
Simple Weather Experiments with Everyday Materials Muriel Mandell 0-8069-7295-5
All About the Weather Ivan R. Tannehill Random House
Clouds in a Glass of Beer Craig F. Bohren 0-486-41738-7
Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth Art Sussman, Ph. D. 1-890132-73-X
Weather - Discovery Channel: An Explore Your World Handbook Discovery Books/Random House 1-56331-802-4
The Weather Book (USA Today) Jack Williams 0-679-77665-6
How Much is A Million? David M. Schwartz, pictures by Steven Kellogg


Between Earth and Sky: How CFC's Changed Our World and Endangered the Ozone Layer

Seth Cagin


Hardcover only. Out of print. Online used books:

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