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AIM Data Management Plan This document describes the AIM Science Data System (SDS), its structure, its policies and its products. aim_dmp_v2.doc
AIM SDS - NSSDC Interface The SDS interface between the PDC and the NSSDC is for transferring the final archive of the AIM mission data and documents to the NSSDC. aim_sds_nssdc_interface.doc
AIM Science Data System Interface Control Document This Interface Control Document (ICD) describes the interfaces between the AIM Project Data Center (PDC) and the CIPS/CDE/SOFIE instrument Data Processing Centers (DPCs). aim_sds_icd_040105.doc
AIM MAP (Mission Archive Plan) v 1.0 (Final) This document describes existing and forthcoming AIM data products, documentation, and analysis tools, and the plan to serve these to the public for the duration of the mission and beyond. Final_AIM_MAP_V1_0.pdf


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