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AIM / CloudSat / GLOBE 2007 Educator Workshop

A message from Dianne Robinson
AIM / CloudSat / GLOBE 2007 Workshop Director

Thanks for making this summer's workshop a great success. Hopefully each of you took away a little of the Alaska experience and met a few new friends. I hope the workshop helped you "recharge" for the upcoming school year. We were so fortunate that Astronaut Don Pettit made time for us once again this year. It is always fun to hear about space from one who has actually been there. The AIM mission PI and Deputy PI, Drs Russell and Bailey did a great job of explaining science concepts that can seem overwhelmingly complex. Paul Adams, of course, is the one who makes it all come together with his rare ability to show us those hands on science activities that we can really use while teaching us the science in a very fun and relaxed environment. We are putting your projects on the web now. You have some great ideas. Please keep in touch and hopefully those ideas you got at the workshop will grow and develop into great student projects. Watch for the AIM cloud network that we will be developing with Matt Rogers modeling the CloudSat network. Enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks for being the wonderful educators you are!



AIM Mission Purpose, Status, and Early Results by James M. Russell III, AIM Principal Investigator, and Scott M. Bailey, AIM Deputy-PI

CIPS Images by Scott M. Bailey, AIM Deputy-PI

Classroom Application Please use this project guideline for your ppt project on Friday.

AIM NLC Photographs

AIM Mission Overview by James M. Russell III, AIM Principal Investigator

Cloud Formation by Matt Rogers, Colorado State University

EXP6, PMC, & Aurora Photographs by Don Pettit, NASA Astronaut

The Garmin GPS Unit

Dutchess Academy of Environmental Studies: A model GLOBE program school

GLOBE: A partnership among teachers, students, and scientists by Dianne Robinson, Hampton University

Ice Cores

Noctilucent Clouds: A miners' canary for global change? by Scott M. Bailey, AIM Deputy-PI

The Role of Satellite Data in Estimating the Impact of Anthropogenic Activity on Climate Change by Jean-Louis Dufresne, CNRS / IPSL / LMD

These books are filled with fantastic classroom activities!

Invisible Universe - The Electromagnetic Spectrum from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays - Grades 6-8 - by Stephen Pompea and Alan Gould with Lincoln Bergman - Produced by LHS GEMS, Great Explorations in Math and Science Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley

Living with a Star, From Sunscreen to Space Weather - Grades 6-8 - Produced by LHS GEMS, Great Explorations in Math and Science Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley

Cloud Identification handout

On the Fence Activity (PDF)

Climate Cycles Activity (PDF)

Electromagnetic Waves (PDF)

Vostok Graphs (PDF)

Participant PowerPoint projects are listed under K-12 Lessons, Teacher Developed Lessons.

Problem-Based Learning:
Prof. Gloria Faus's Noctilucent Clouds PBL (PowerPoint file)


Instructors and Staff

View a list of instructors, scientists, guest speakers, and coordinators for the workshop.


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    • Barbara H. Maggi, Outreach Director, Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Hampton University
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About the AIM/ CloudSat/ GLOBE 2007 Educator Workshop

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Restaurants and Fun Outings

Dan Borrick, a teacher from the 2006 workshop wrote to suggest his favorite restaurants and outings.

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Bear Sighting!

Some participants saw this bear while in the Kincaid wilderness:

University of Alaska - Anchorage Campus Map

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