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Product Name
Product Description
CIPS ATBD CIPS Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document cips_atbd.doc
CIPS Camera Orientation Document description of image orientation – crucial for using raw images CIPS_camera_orientation.doc
CIPS On-board Image Processing Description description of CIPS image compression scheme and its effect on data cips_onboard_image_processing.pdf
CIPS Algorithm Overview Paper Algorithm description and error analysis paper published in Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics


CIPS Calibration Plan formal description of CIPS calibrations cips_calibration.pdf
CIPS CTH CIPS Command and Telemetry Handbook CIPS-T-80007revC.pdf
*available upon request
CIPS Ground Calibration Summary Review of CIPS ground calibration results cips_calibration_processing.ppt
CDE_SDC Algorithm Structure CDE processing algorithm overview CDE_SDC Algorithm Structure.ppt
CDE/SDC Calibration Procedures formal description of CDE calibrations cde_sdc_calibrations.doc
CDE PSR PSR presentation of CDE calibrations CDE_PSR_Science_and_Calibration-James.ppt
CDE CTH CDE Command and Telemetry Handbook cde_cmdtlm.pdf
*available upon request
SOFIE Calibration Summary This describes dark current, FOV, boresight, relative spectral response, gain calibration, and non-linearity studies. SOFIE_Calibration_Product_Summary_V1.1.doc

SOFIE Command and Telemetry Handbook SOFIE_cthV1.0.pdf
*available upon request
SOFIE ATBD SOFIE Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document SOFIE_atbd_V1.1.doc

SOFIE Level 0 to level 1 ICD

Interface Control document between the SOFIE Level0b and SOFIE Level 1
SOFIE Level 0b Design Review Overview of the SOFIE Level0b software design. SOFIE_Level0b_Design_Review_V1.0.ppt
SOFIE POC Calibration Events Description Explanation of the pointing requirements for the s/c and AIM Planning & Scheduling folks for on-orbit calibration events. SOFIE_CalibrationEventsDescription_V1.0.doc


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