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"Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle"
Use the "word bank" of atmospheric terms to complete the crossword puzzle.

Special thanks to the Einterz Family
beta testers.

Open Flash Movie: Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle

Download a PDF version of the "Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle."

Crossword Puzzle

An image showing the PDF version of the Atmospheric Crossword Puzzle.
"Atmospheric Trivia Game"
Answer trivia questions about atmospheric concepts to reveal an animation. Try all three levels of increasing difficulty.
Open Flash Movie: Atmospheric Trivia Game

"Cloud Match Game" and About Clouds
A memory game with the ten main cloud types. Also, don't forget to look at the "About Clouds" section to find cloud descriptions and information about how clouds form and how clouds affect our climate.

Open Flash Movie: Cloud Match Game
Download a PDF version of the "Cloud Match Game" to cut out the cards and play on your own!
An image showing the PDF version of the
"Layers of the Atmosphere"
Try to place all the items into the correct layer of Earth's atmosphere.
Open Flash Movie: Layers of the Atmosphere

NASA For Students

NASA's Space Place: Space Science in Action

CALIPSO Outreach web site's Atmospheric Arcade

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