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Hampton University, a Historically Black University, continues to manage the AIM AIM Education and Public Outreach program (E/PO) though the direct involvement of the mission PI, James M. Russell III, and the E/PO Director, Dianne Robinson. The E/PO team consisting of mission scientists and science educators are dedicated to providing a model E/PO that incorporates NASA’s goals and objectives and is aligned to national mathematics and science education standards. E/PO accomplishments include national professional development workshops, multimedia products, live videoconferencing events, presentations, problem-based learning modules and website products.

The AIM E/PO program uses the striking images of PMCs to motivate interest, learning, and a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding changes in our atmosphere. The visible manifestation of PMCs provides an unprecedented and unique opportunity to utilize AIM data in both formal and informal education. Through collaborations with informal education organizations, AIM outreach will assist with educating the public about the environmental implications associated with the data, and therefore, aid in creating a scientifically literate workforce capable of making educated decisions related to environmental policies and laws. Each of the AIM informal education collaborations will have a long-term impact reaching out to parents and children in an informal setting for years to come.


Strange Clouds
Astronauts onboard the International Space Station have been observing electric blue "noctilucent" clouds from Earth-orbit.

A view of noctilucent clouds from the International Space Station.

Above: Electric blue clouds viewed from the ISS. Photo credit: Don Pettit and NASA TV.

Instructors and Staff with Astronaut Don Pettit at the AIM/GLOBE/CloudSat 2006 Educator Workshop in Anchorage, Alaska.

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