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CDE determines the magnitude and characterizes the temporal and spatial variability of the cosmic dust influx, allowing for direct correlation studies with PMC frequency and brightness.

CDE has a sensor area of approximately 0.1 m2, and can detect particles greater than approximately 1 micron in radius, by recording impact generated signals on thin plastic-film detectors. The detectors are made of permanently polarized Polyvinylidene Fluoride films (PVDF), a mechanically and thermally stable, radiation resistant material. Twelve detectors face the zenith direction, allowing them to record cosmic dust impacts, while two detectors are completely covered and located on the underside of the instrument deck in order to measure the background noise.

For more information, see the instrument pages.

Data Products:

See the tabs for data documentation and calibration information.

For questions or comments, please contact Mihály Horányi.

Data Product User Guides

Product Name
Product Description
Data Product Catalog Project wide listing of available data products
CDE Level 1 Data Time of impact, Pulse-height and engineering & housekeeping data
CDE Level 2 Data Time of impact, mass[g] of the detected dust particle



Product Name
Product Description
CDE_SDC Algorithm Structure CDE processing algorithm overview CDE_SDC Algorithm Structure.ppt
CDE/SDC Calibration Procedures formal description of CDE calibrations cde_sdc_calibrations.doc
CDE PSR PSR presentation of CDE calibrations CDE_PSR_Science_and_Calibration-James.ppt


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