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SOFIE Overview Information

SOFIE performs solar occultation measurements in 16 spectral bands that are used to retrieve vertical profiles of temperature, O3, H2O, CO2, CH4, NO, and PMC extinction at 11 wavelengths including band 2 which will be available in a limited data set in future releases. Each day SOFIE provides 15 sunset measurements at latitudes ranging from 65° - 85°S (depending on time of year) and 15 sunrise measurements at latitudes from 65° - 85°N. SOFIE images the sun with a 2D detector array to obtain pointing knowledge of the FOV position relative to the sun center to within ±0.1 arc second through image edge analysis. As a result, SOFIE obtains an unprecedented fidelity of observation altitude and angle. This allows the inference of refraction angle profiles, from solar extent measurements, that are used to retrieve temperature from ~55km down into the upper troposphere, independent of transmission models. SOFIE is the first occultation sensor to successfully use this technique to such high altitudes.

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Data Products:

See the tabs for data documentation and calibration information.

SOFIE data may be viewed via the web at GATS's SOFIE Website. Click on "data services" at the top followed by "plot data" on the left. Level 2 and Level 3 data are available to the public.

For questions or comments, please contact Mark Hervig ().

Data Product User Guides

Product Name
Product Description
Data Product Catalog Project wide listing of available data products
SOFIE Level 1 Data Uncorrected measurements for all 16 channels and 8 difference signals. Corrected (offsets, drift, imbalance, dark current, etc.) measurements for all 16 channels and 8 difference signals, sun sensor pixel sum, and spacecraft PVAT data., offset angle (lockdown) in Azimuth and Elevation between the solar image top edge and FOV, apparent solar extent (angular), apparent elevation angle, refraction angle for solar top & bottom edges, impact tangent altitude for solar top and bottom edges, T,P profiles, tangent point lat & lon, field of view vector, sun center vector, and registration uncertainty.
SOFIE Level 2 Data Primary absorber mixing ratios (CO2, CH4, NO,H2O,O3), 10 aerosol extinction profiles, uncertainity profiles for mixing ratios and extinctions, 83 km measurement lat./long., T, P, Time, [0.150 km sampling, 150km to 3.0km, 30 profiles/day] Vertical resolution: Gases 1km

T&P less than or equal to 3.5km

PMC 1km
SOFIE Level 3 Data Daily plots of longitude vs. height for each species.


Product Name
Product Description
SOFIE Calibration Summary This describes dark current, FOV, boresight, relative spectral response, gain calibration, and non-linearity studies. SOFIE_Calibration_Product_Summary_V1.1.doc

This is the SOFIE Command & Telemetry Handbook SOFIE_cth_V1.0.pdf
SOFIE ATBD SOFIE Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document SOFIE_atbd_V1.1.doc

SOFIE Level 0 to level 1 ICD

Interface Control document between the SOFIE Level0b and SOFIE Level 1
SOFIE Level 0b Design Review Overview of the SOFIE Level0b software design. SOFIE_Level0b_Design_Review_V1.0.ppt
SOFIE POC Calibration Events Description Explanation of the pointing requirements for the s/c and AIM Planning & Scheduling folks for on-orbit calibration events. SOFIE_CalibrationEventsDescription_V1.0.doc


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