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AIM "Rules of the Road" for DATA USE

Users of AIM data are asked to respect the following guidelines

  • Mission scientific and model results are open to all.
  • Users should contact the PI or designated team member of an instrument or modeling group early in an analysis project to discuss the appropriate use of instrument data or model results. This applies to AIM mission team members, any guest investigators, and other members of the scientific community or general public.
  • Users that wish to publish the results derived from AIM data should normally offer co-authorship to the PI, Deputy PI or designated team members. Co-authorship may be declined. Appropriate acknowledgement of institutions, personnel, and funding agencies should be given.
  • Users should heed the caveats of investigators as to the interpretation and limitations of data or model results. Investigators supplying data or models may insist that such caveats be published, even if co-authorship is declined. Data and model version numbers should also be specified
  • Pre-prints of publications and conference abstracts should be widely distributed to interested parties within the mission and related projects.

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