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This site contains links for downloading AIM data products from individual days.  Data is divided by instrument (CIPS, SOFIE, CDE).  Data Product descriptions may be found under the documentation section of each instrument. The tools section contains IDL read routines for accessing the data products and other useful tools.

CIPS Bulk Data Download
If you wish to obtain CIPS data for whole months or seasons, please view

AIM SDS Data Products and Documentation Available


CIPS Data Viewing
For more detailed CIPS data viewing options, please visit LASP's CIPS Data Website.

SOFIE Data Viewing
SOFIE data may be viewed via the web at GATS's SOFIE Website. Click on "data services" at the top followed by "plot data" on the left. Level 2 and Level 3 data are available to the public.

AIM Publications List

Bibliographic list of AIM articles published in scientific journals

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